Happy Clients = Happy Life!


Amanda Urlacher | The Whiskey Wrangler

To be completely honest, Stacie Hays saved my business. I was drowning in orders and had ZERO time to get my books in order. I was afraid I was going to throw the towel in from being so overwhelmed and anxious. Books and taxes can be so scary and intimidating! But, by the grace of God, Stacie came into my life and immediately went to work. Her reassurance and dedication allowed me to focus on my business 100%. Stacie has been able to answer any and all questions quickly and professionally. I am so excited to start implementing the Profit First method for bookkeeping that Stacie is certified in. Nothing but up from here! I can not recommend Grace Ridge Finance enough; best investment for my business!

Brandon & Courtney | Layerz Clothing & Sterling Brands

Stacie has been a huge asset for both of our small businesses. By taking the bookkeeping load off of our plate we have been freed up to execute the parts of the business that we enjoy and we no longer have to stress about our books. Her experience and methodologies have taken all of the anxiety out of the business and allowed both of us to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle we have always dreamed of. She has without a doubt changed both of our businesses for the better.

Caitlin & Tracy | CC Reese Boutique

We started working with Stacie after using 3 other bookkeepers that had no idea how the boutique business worked! Stacie has been a godsend for our business and helped us grow in so many ways! We highly recommend her!!!

Shelby Lovelace | Buckin Wild Designs

Stacie has been an absolute LIFESAVER for my boutique. My books were a disaster and she came in and organized everything and had all appropriate documents, P&L, etc all ready within a little over a month. Staci has been the best investment for my business yet! Be sure to ask her about getting Profit First set up for your business as well, it is an amazing program!

Jenny Lawson | Dressed by Jenny

Beyond thankful that I found Stacie to assist me with my business needs. She is organized, knowledgeable, and always ready to take on any task I throw at her. I would be lost without her! She keeps me and my business on track and makes sure that my numbers stay in check!

Michelle Schreiber | Abboo Candle Co

My books were a mess and I was clueless about what journal entries I even needed to make in Quickbooks. Not only did Stacie help me get everything cleaned up, she explained things to me in a way that I actually understood what I was doing and why. She was always available to answer my seemingly endless questions about Shopify, Quickbooks and general bookkeeping for my business.


Traci- Mag & Main.jpg

Traci Carpenter | Magnolia & Main Boutique

I truly can't say enough great things about Stacie. She keeps my business running on all cylinders, keeps me calm when I get stressed, and never gets frustrated with me when I'm delayed in my response times! She is extremely knowledgeable and has answered numerous questions I've had since we have been working together, always in a cheerful manner. She is worth every penny to my business as she makes sure all paperwork is up to date and taxes are always taken care of. I don't even think about that aspect of my business because I know she's on top of it, which frees up time for me to focus on other things. She is also well versed in profit first methods and analyzing which aspects of my business can improve. There is a great sense of relief knowing that Stacie has all of my finances handled. When it comes tax time, I experience zero stress, while some of my companions in the industry are completely overwhelmed. The only regret I have in regards to Stacie is that I wish I would have found her sooner! I recommend her to everyone I know. Five out of Five stars from me! Give her a shot, you will NOT be disappointed.