Taking You from Chaos to Crystal Clear


“I’m a Hot Mess”


“Financial. Disaster. Area.”


“The books are a Train Wreck”


“I’m so embarrassed…”


Can you relate? You are NOT alone! 

I can help you clean up the mess, understand the numbers, and see profitability like never before!

What We Do for You

For the Unique Business Needs of Boutique Owners

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Profit First

“First thing in the morning I check my bank balance. If there’s money in the account I know I am good for ordering inventory, paying bills, all that. If there isn’t money I panic and start scrambling to figure it out. That’s pretty much what determines how my day will be spent.”



“I have no idea if I’m actually making money or not so I don’t really pay myself. And, I am terrified of tax time. I just keep my receipts, write things down on a yellow pad, keep a spreadsheet, and hope for the best!”


Quickbooks online setup

“I am so behind on my books. I am really afraid that I will be drowning before I know it. But, when I tried to set up QBO on my own I ended up with a big mess and I don’t know what to do from here”


Meet Stacie

I was born with a gypsy soul, I believe! Raised in Central Illinois, I was always dreaming of the places I could go that wouldn’t be FLAT! I’ve lived in some gorgeous places in California, Texas, and Tennessee but I have always come back to my hometown. Upon meeting my incredible husband my wandering stopped, though because I’d finally found HOME! Together, we have 6 kids and 5 grandbabies (the babies make all those teenage years so worth it!!).

I wandered in the same way with my career. I have worked as everything from a florist to a direct sales trainer.  I’ve learned valuable things from every profession, but they never lasted long, never felt like the right “fit”. So I always kept coming back to bookkeeping, which I’ve been doing with my Mom since I was a teenager. When I decided to start my own firm from home I had NO idea the wild ride I was in for!! The last few years working with boutique owners across the country have been a huge blessing!

Stacie has been a huge asset for both of our small businesses. By taking the bookkeeping load off of our plate we have been freed up to execute the parts of the business that we enjoy and we no longer have to stress about our books. Her experience and methodologies have taken all of the anxiety out of the business and allowed both of us to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle we have always dreamed of. She has without a doubt changed both of our businesses for the better.
— Brandon & Courtney Rayzor | Layerz Clothing & Sterling Brands