My Sweet Victory: Why I Do What I Do


"Why on earth did you decide to become a bookkeeper?"

I have been asked this question so many times in the past few months, pretty much in those exact astonished words. Why? Let me be honest with you. I never thought in a million years this would be my dream job! I hate math, I never had a balanced checkbook, and when I had previous businesses I made ALL the mistakes with regard to finances. Ready to run yet?? ;)

Well, since you're still here, let me explain. I am a "Creative". I have huge ideas and even bigger dreams. I love to envision projects, put together events that seem impossible on the budget I set, and create beautiful things out of next to nothing. I have been praised since I was young for my creativity and ability in so many different mediums.I was also called flighty, fidgety (And, I didn't even have a spinner), and scattered. Kids will believe whatever they're told so I owned these things as my identity. What was strange though is that I loved to organize, myself and others. Barbie shoes were lined up in pairs, books were shelved according to size or color, and I adored a freshly made bed. One year when I was probably about 9 I got a new Strawberry Shortcake (Dating myself right?) sleeping bag for my birthday, and I slept in that sucker every night for an entire year just so I wouldn't have to make my bed! But, back to our point.  But, I thought from the very beginning

You see, I thought being "creative" and being focused and detail-oriented couldn't go together. I let me label of Creative be an excuse for not taking responsibility for things like my finances. I mean, I was just too scattered to pay attention to that, right?! This continued through a good part of my adult life. And, let me tell you it was horribly discouraging. I felt like a failure as a "Creative" because I was never able to just pick a project or direction and make it successful. And, I felt like a failure at financial and family management because I believed being on top of things was outside my skillset.

Here's how my story shifted. I finally got a really good Doctor, well actually she's a PA. But, she understood me. She BELIEVED me and cared about my depression caused by feeling like a colossal failure. Turns out, I have adult ADD. I most likely have struggled my entire life with this, but it wasn't as "known" when I was small. You might think this would further depress me, but no! I felt freed up!! After several months of working with Dr. Anne, as we all fondly call her, I had a treatment that was working and I could think straight for extended periods of time! Woo Hoo!!!! I'm not broken anymore!

One rude surprise was that since I could focus and keep my thoughts cohesive I saw the disaster I had created around myself. Piles of papers, overdraw notices, partially completed projects, and more. But, I didn't let it get me down (too often anyway). I forged ahead and tried to figure out who I was now, and what my purpose beyond home really is. It was in some college science classes of all places that I realized I LOVE numbers! I love making things make sense. I love figuring out the puzzle and making the mess all neat and orderly! Through a couple of jobs at family businesses, I realized my true passion really is bookkeeping and accounting! Weird, I know!

Finding this purpose, partnered with my long-time desire to help people and encourage women in particular, I finally realized my purpose. If I could find a way to partner with business women, particularly Creatives who most likely struggle with some of the same issues I did, I could teach them how to overcome those challenges and helpl them grow their businesses! Instead of chasing every neat idea I stumble across thinking I could do that, I realized that I had the ability to help those who were ACTUALLY meant to be doing those things! It's just the perfect match!

I mean, You know exactly what your passion is. It's that thing that makes you willing to sacrifice to build the business you've always dreamt of. Whether your passion is a tangible product or a highly valued service, it requires that you put in long hours, to lose sleep over a brilliant possibility, to eat more meals on the run than you care to admit. But, you have to! You are driven, focused, and on fire for what's coming next for your company! I know this because I feel exactly the same way about Grace Ridge and what I am building for my family. This is how I know I am finally right where I belong! It's nearly perfect <3


Stacie Hays