3 Reasons a Creative Can't Afford NOT To Have a Bookkeeper


Creative has recently become a noun.... a person, to be more specific. A creative is an artist, typically in the professional world. And, artist can be defined in endless ways. Generally, if you are a Creative you know it! But, just in case you still wonder check out this article answering the question "What is a Creative" by one of my favorite writers, Jeff Goins.

Now that we've clarified if you are a Creative or not let me give you a few reasons why every Creative can benefit from having a bookkeeping professional at her disposal.

Creatives are usually not about the details.

Now, of course, this isn't a hard and fast rule, but it does tend to be true. If a Creative business owner is detail-oriented at all, it's usually in regard to every tiny little nuance of their craft. And, really this is how it should be. Most people are not artistically motivated so how boring would our world be if those who do create spent all of their time crunching numbers or recording information instead?!

Creatives can be tunnel-focused.                                                                                                                                                  

Again, not a bad trait to have in business. However, when an artist is so focused on the work they are creating that they forget to pay the light bill or file important tax papers, their focus will be quickly jerked away from creating onto much more stressful topics. Having a partner to oversee the mundane tasks involved in business finance gives the owner confidence that when there is something needing their personal attention, they will know it.

Creatives are frequently onto the next project or expansion before the current one is complete.

This is a huge benefit in growing a creative business! The ability to handle multiple ideas and always be thinking forward is huge. The downside to this particular gift though is that it can be difficult, if not impossible to track how each idea is performing and what areas of business are growing well and which might need a boost. But, with the right help the business owner can know exactly how much each area of their business is costing them to operate, how much revenue is being generated, and when more help or an expansion is necessary.

The simple answer to these issues is to partner with your own virtual bookkeeper! A good bookkeeper doesn't just enter data and balance accounts. As a Creative business owner, you need a bookkeeper who partners with you to grow your business, one who can come alongside you and assist with every part of your company's health and future, from budgeting to tax time. By handing off the facts and figures of your business to a partner you click with and can trust you are free to focus on all of the aspects that make you a Creative!

Now initially, this may look like another expense you just can't see adding your business. I get that! But I promise you, when you take a chance and actually speak with a professional and find one that really clicks with your personality and "gets" your business, the investment in their services will make sense! And, once you get that first monthly report showing how much extra cashflow you have and  details about your business that you didn't even realize could be boiled down, you will wonder how you ever lived without this service! Your bookkeeper will quickly become your new best friend!

Stacie Hays