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Spend more time on what you are passionate about, rather than tasks that you hate



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Service Packages

Pro Blogger

This package is geared specifically for you if you earn your income from blogging and monetizing your website. Tracking earnings from affiliate links, product or service sales, and any other income sources is key for you to know exactly what is working and what things might need a little tweak, and the Pro Blogger Package does exactly this. We also focus on teaching you all of the many available deductions for your business, and how best to track them. This package gives you everything you need to understand the health of your business!

New Business Start-Up

This Start-up package is well-rounded to meet the needs of new entrepreneurs regardless of market. We will spend time with you getting your business books off to a complete and accurate start. We also help you to form your business budgets and show you how benchmarking, or positioning your business can accelerate your growth. With the Start-up package, you will be confident in what you can deduct, how best to track your expenses, and what your numbers REALLY are each and every month!

Service Provider

The Service Provider Package gives you focused guidance on Managing Time & Maximizing Deductions. When your business is anywhere in the Service Industry, one of the key elements of your bookkeeping needs to be time tracking. Without that, it’s difficult to have an accurate picture of your real profits. With the Service Provider Package, we will help you easily maintain a system where you can know exactly what you have in every project or client! You will also receive all the tools you need to rock out your invoicing as well as precisely tracking all of your expenses. It’s a fantastic feeling to know your numbers!

Retail & Handmade

The Retail & Handmade Package is designed to meet the specific challenges of the retail industry. Tracking inventory, manufacturing costs, and wholesale orders take a lot of your time. We will get you set up in the best way to streamline your bookkeeping for your specific business so you can spend more time on your company growth. Budgeting is also crucial when you are retailing or manufacturing and this package will help you do just that. You will be able to focus on where your business is going because you will be confident about your pricing, profits, cash flow, and invoicing strategies. Having time to stay on the cutting edge of your industry makes all the difference in rapid growth!

We also provide individualized services for those who need a little more help with their books. Whether you need to catch up your books for this year or you haven’t paid taxes in the past 3, we can handle that! Payroll, AR & AP, Bill Pay, and Personal Owner finances can also be discussed.


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